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PTR and PTS Calculator

PTR and PTS Calculator

Easily Evaluate Your Profit Through PTR & PTS Calculating Tool!

PTR & PTS Calculator

The rate computations for pharmaceutical wholesalers and pharmaceutical distributors have evolved as a result of GST implications. The PCD Calculator will show you how to calculate retail and stockist profit margins in general. PTR stands for Price to Retailer, while PTS stands for Price to Stockist. You can also do a net scheme calculation. For instance, if you want to donate a 10% scheme, this calculator will compute the net scheme value based on the percentage you supplied. You can compute your profit margins effortlessly with the help of these tools. Calculate now and derive your profit margin! If you want to start Pharma franchise Contact us now!

MRP excluding TAX = MRP ÷ 1.12
P.T.R = Above Value – 20%
P.T.S = Above Value – 10%


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