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Patient health is extremely important to us as a quality PCD pharma franchise company. Transparency at all times and our technical capacity to meet complicated manufacturing demands contribute to our operations' efficacy.


Bioversal Remedies, a PCD Pharma Company is established with an aim not just to provide medications to the patients but to rescue their lives and uplift their wellbeing. Our product development talents assist us in establishing a long-term growth platform.

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Bioversal Remedies is an emerging and developing Pharmaceutial company operating ethically in various parts of India such as Haryana, Punjab, West-Bengal, Assam, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and etc. assuring the quality of the products, also as a Best Pharma Franchise Company in PAN India, established with an aim to provide effective healthcare support to patients keeping in mind the affordability and quality of its products. Bioversal Remedies is one of the leading Indian Pharma Companies delivering quality medication trusted by professionals and patients. Understanding the meaning of best medical care, our experts constantly strive to come up with Top quality medicines with solutions for medical services,that would be available to individuals of all age groups. Discover our wide range of products and learn more about the benefits on our website. Start your journey towards a healthier, happier life with Bioversal Remedies today.

What Makes Bioversal A Unique Healthcare Unit?

The power of Nature with Science

Pharma Franchise

Bioversal Remedies aims to expand its network always. We are one of India’s leading PCD pharma company, offering pharma franchises and PCD pharma. If you’re seeking a pharma PCD, look no further. We provide the most appealing promotional benefits. Our philosophy is to give unsurpassed service and unbeatable prices to our customers, allowing them to improve their healthcare and wellbeing. We have a largest Pharmaceutical Distribution network in India.

Best Pharma franchise Company

What you should really expect when starting a business or as a franchise partner is; Today, as per the interest of prescription and pharma products, a pharma is going to meet the clinical fundamentals with the proficient pharmaceutical company. However, if you are a Pharma specialist, then this information will give you an idea about PCD Pharma companies. You have a choice to choose from while doing a pharmaceutical company.

Quality Assurance

Nowadays, India's drug authorities are quite stringent, and all manufacturing units must adhere to the Schedule, which requires every manufacturer to fulfill all of India's drug authorities' standards. Quality being the prime work ethic of our business, we aim to lend superior quality medicines to our precious patients. We not only want to provide exceptional healthcare to our patients, but we also want to improve their quality of life for them.

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Bioversal Remedies - PCD Pharma Franchise

We Cure Everything With The Right Medicine!

Bioversal Remedies is continually working to ensure that people in need have access to high-quality, affordable medicines. As a result, healthcare practitioners and patients worldwide have put their faith in us. Being a PCD pharma franchise Company, our comprehensive solutions enable effectiveness and great productivity in both supply chain management and third party Pharma manufacturing methods, as we are the best pharma franchise Company. This enables us to provide low-cost, high-quality products, resulting in customer satisfaction. 


An injection is a way of injecting liquid medication into the body using a syringe and an empty needle that has entered the skin to a sufficient depth into the body. We are a well-known companY that provides the market's most in-demand assortment of Injections. With us, you will receive the highest quality end product possible.

Skin Division

Skincare is the field of study that deals with the skin, nails, hair, and the disorders that affect them. It's a surgical and medical specialty that incorporates both. Bioversal Remedies has a wide range of derma products, including pills, capsules, ointments, creams, gels, dusting powders, lotions, soaps, and shampoo in both topical and oral preparations.

General Antibiotics

Antibiotics are one of the most commonly recommended drugs in today's healthcare. Antibiotics heal diseases by killing or destroying microorganisms. We supply high-quality, effective medicines, keeping in mind that rising antimicrobial resistance poses a severe threat to patients' wellness, food security, and economic stability worldwide.

Anti Allergic

Allergies develop when your immune system responds to a foreign substance, such as pollen or a meal, that normally causes no reaction in most people. Bioversal Remedies is a well-known and well-respected PCD pharma franchise company. In response to the growing demand for anti-allergic medications, we also offer consumers cleanliness and environmentally friendly anti-allergics.

Orthopedic Range

Orthopedic drugs are used to correct defective body bone, muscle, or the muscular system. As the number of bone and muscle injuries cases increases, so does the demand for this particular spectrum. As a result, Bioversal Remedies is here with the best orthopedic pharmaceuticals in India to suit the growing demand for orthopedic drugs.

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PTR and PTS Calculator

Easily Evaluate Your Profit Through PTR & PTS Calculating Tool!

The rate computations for pharmaceutical wholesalers and pharmaceutical distributors have evolved as a result of GST implications. The PCD Pharma Franchise Calculator will show you how to calculate retail and stockist profit margins in general. PTR stands for Price to Retailer, while PTS stands for Price to Stockist. You can also do a net scheme calculation. For instance, if you want to donate a 10% scheme, this calculator will compute the net scheme value based on the percentage you supplied. You can compute your profit margins effortlessly with the help of these tools. Calculate now and derive your profit margin!

MRP excluding TAX = MRP ÷ 1.12
P.T.R = Above Value – 20%
P.T.S = Above Value – 10%


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