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Exploring Top 10 Pharmaceutical Manufacturers In India

Exploring Top 10 Pharmaceutical Manufacturers In India

Exploring Top 10 Pharmaceutical Manufacturers In India

Exploring Top 10 Pharmaceutical Manufacturers In India

Exploring Top 10 Pharmaceutical Manufacturers In IndiaIndia’s pharmaceutical industry is extremely vast as it develops, discovers and produces pharmaceutical drugs such as antispasmodic tablets to be administered to patients with the motive to prevent and cure diseases.

As the number of companies and pharma franchises increase in the healthcare sector, it is important to have knowledge of the ones that are top-notch and known for high-quality drug manufacturing. To make your job easier, this blog explores the top 10 pharmaceutical manufacturers in India.

Here is the List of  Top 10 Pharmaceutical Manufacturers In India

  • Bioversal Remedies: Bioversal Remedies is a premium manufacturer of pharmaceutical products focussing on well-being and health. Bioversal Remedies is one of the leading suppliers and third-party manufacturers of multiple medicines including ayurvedic products, skincare products, pediatric products, antibiotics, injectables, and much more.

Since Bioversal Remedies is a PCD pharma company, its products are highly sought after by customers owing to authenticity, consistency in composition, and superior quality. Moreover, the Indian PCD Pharma company aims to achieve higher standards in pharma product manufacturing and works toward the best interests of the patients.


  • Curasia Medilabs: Curasia Medilabs is a pharmaceutical company that deals in manufacturing and supplying a wide assortment of pharma products to its consumer base. The company is headed with well-experienced directors and their product range consists of allopathic to herbal products.

Curasia Medilabs offers a high-quality of PCD pharma products pertaining to gynecology, orthopedic, pediatric, general, injectables, and skincare. Moreover, Curasia’s neuropsychiatric division called Curasia Neurocare is known for its phenomenal range of psychiatric and neurology pharma products.


  • Biostem Pharma: Biostem Pharma is one of the top-notch pharma companies in India with respect to business operations and work ethics in healthcare. The company leverages the latest technology to curate and manufacture medicine as well as for combating challenges in pharmaceutical product production.

Biostem Pharma develops a wide range of products that offer value to consumers’ health and contributes to overall life improvement. Moreover, the company is known to adopt evolving methods of manufacturing and also hones successful and effective internal policies.


  • Orange Biotech Pvt Ltd: Orange Biotech is one of the reputed PCD pharma franchise companies in India that leverages sponsorships by reputed pharma associations and business openings as well.

It is an ISO 9001-2008 certified Pharma Company that offers syrups, restorative units like containers, needles, and tablets. Their medicines are made in affiliation with WHO GMP Certified Plants and cover medicines for diabetes, malaria, hypertension, etc. Orange Biotech Pvt Ltd has earned a considerable reputation in the pharma arena owing to their quality medicines and healing solutions.


  • Cipla Limited: Cipla is a popular name in the pharmaceutical industry that has attained global leadership in this sector. Lakhs of patients and healthcare professionals have expressed their confidence in Cipla Limited owing to their timely and consistent delivery of pharma products as well as the high quality of their medicines.

The company believes in the principle of Caring for Life and works toward manufacturing affordable medicines across the globe through product portfolio enhancement and complexity rationalization. Cipla Limited manufactures over 1500 products with 50 dosage forms in 65 therapeutic categories.


  • Lupin Limited: Established in 1968, Lupin Limited has evolved as one of the global healthcare leaders with its products manufactured across US, APAC, and EMEA regions. The company has a portfolio of 1000 products and is committed to making quality healthcare accessible for all.


  • Reddy Laboratories Ltd: Dr. Reddy Laboratories is one of the most reliable pharma manufacturers in India with its presence in more than 100 countries. The company is sought after for a wide range of products including APIs and generic drugs.


  • Zydus Cadila: Zydus Cadila produces a wide range of pharmaceutical products including generic drugs, biosimilars, and APIs. Zydus is a well-known name in the pharmaceutical industry and has also received multiple awards for its positive contributions toward the pharma domain.


  • Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd: Located in Mumbai, Glenmark Pharmaceuticals manufacture a varied range of pharma products such as prescription drugs and APIs. Known for its commitment to innovation in the pharmaceutical sector, the company has maintained its position in the top 10 pharmaceutical manufacturers in India.


  • Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd: Torrent Pharmaceuticals is one of the leading manufacturers of prescription drugs and biosimilars in India. The company has a widespread presence in more than 50 countries and focuses on high-quality medicines and innovation.


Leveraging cutting edge technologies and enhanced productivity with third-party manufacturing methods, Bioversal Remedies has emerged as one of the top pharmaceutical manufacturers in India.

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