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How Quality Control Is Done in the Pharmaceutical Industry?

How Quality Control Is Done in the Pharmaceutical Industry?

How Quality Control Is Done in the Pharmaceutical Industry?

How Quality Control Is Done in the Pharmaceutical Industry?

The pharmaceutical industry works for the betterment of all humankind which places an important responsibility on this industry to deliver nothing but the best. Without efficient quality control the drugs that go to the public can put their lives at stake and draw the attention of regulators to take strict action against the same.

Hence, quality control is of utmost importance and we’ll tell you why;

It is the unsaid duty of pharmaceutical industry units including pharma franchise, to ensure that the products they develop and release are not only effective but safe as well. This duty entails that the pharmaceutical industry is compliant with the regulations governing the safety of these products to ensure the well-being of the patients. That will automatically lead to a high repute in the market.

Quality control doesn’t start at checking the finished product, it is a process that begins right from checking the quality of the raw materials, verifying if the process is right and to ensure that no step in production alters the composition of the drugs. Ensuring compliance to standard operating procedures till the final product is shipped out, is also an important step in quality control.

Regardless of the dosage, the human body reacts to different medicines differently. Imagine if the antispasmodic tablet you are consuming was not checked for ratio or quality of raw materials. It will react to your body in an irregular manner which can put you in health related jeopardy.

Additionally, quality control is not only limited to allopathic medicinal products, it is equally imperative in ayurvedic product since the Ayurvedic industry is also trusted by many when it comes to health and healing.

  1. Ensures Patient Safety: The primary reason behind quality control in the pharma industry is ensuring patient safety. If the drugs meet certain safety standards, they are fit for consumption and hence can be sold ahead.


  1. Compliance with Regulations: Like all other industries, there are certain standards of regulations that need to be complied with or penalty can be levied against the Pharma Company or Pharma Franchise Company. It is the job of a quality control officer to ensure these regulations and standards are met.


  1. Maintains The Company’s Reputation: The reputation of any pharmaceutical company is very important for it to be relevant and profitable. This reputation can be tarnished by the minutest quality control lapse. Hence, quality control maintains the company’s reputation.


Now, you must be wondering how quality control is done in the pharmaceutical industry? The pharmaceutical industry is not only established parent pharma companies but also includes PCD Pharma Franchise Company, wherein quality control is equally important.

Let’s take a look at the overview of quality control in the pharmaceutical industry:


Testing Of Raw Materials: The very first step in quality control is to test the raw materials that form the main composition of the drug or pharmaceutical products. This step is important as it ensures the materials used meet the set quality standards and also verifies if the raw material has been contaminated in any manner.


Testing During The Process: Once the raw materials have been tested and approved, they are sent to the production floor. The production floor is where these raw materials are processed into the finished product. During the stage of process testing, every stage of production is tested to ensure that the drug meets all the specifications of safety and quality control.


Testing the final product: The final straw in the hat of quality control is to test the final product and confirm that it meets the required standards. Only those products that qualify all of these three stages are eligible for sale.


While this was a comprehensive overview, there are sub-steps to these three main steps of quality control in the pharmaceutical industry. Indian PCD Pharma Companies are also to ensure if the packaging of products delivered to them is intact, the dates and labels before they put it for sale to the public.


Summarizing the blog, quality control is highly imperative in the pharmaceutical industry for patient safety, compliance with medical standards and to ensure the company is free of any malpractices. Quality control practices build trust amongst the pharmaceutical industry and consumers as it ensures only the products of the highest quality will be offered to the public for their health and wellbeing.



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