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Top 10 Pharma PCD Companies in India

Top 10 Pharma PCD companies in India

Top 10 Pharma PCD Companies in India

Top 10 Pharma PCD Companies in India

PCD Pharma Companies are the new age profit-yielding business models in the Indian pharma sector. With the increase in the advent of these companies and their immense benefit to both; the manufacturer and distributor, it is time to know of the Top 10 Pharma PCD companies in India. Let’s go through them!



Top 10 Pharma PCD companies in


 India List :-

  1. Orange Biotech Pvt Ltd:

One of the reputed Chandigarh-based pharma companies, Orange Biotech Pvt. Ltd makes it to the list of the best PCD Pharma Companies owing to an excellent range of healthcare products ranging from Nutraceuticals, Injectables, and Suspensions to Antibiotics and Ayurvedic products preparations.



  1. Bioversal Remedies:

Bioversal Remedies is a developing and emerging pharma company established with the aim to render effective healthcare support, keeping affordability and high quality in mind. Rightly so, Bioversal Remedies is one of the leading Indian PCD Pharma Companies delivering medication trusted by medical professionals and patients. Bioversal Remedies understands the importance of safe healthcare which is visible in the hard work their professionals put into innovative medicine and healthcare solutions. Their agenda also encompasses increasing access to economical medication for all age groups to afford.



  1. Curasia Medilabs:

A prominent name in the pharma industry, Curasia Medilabs is an iconic brand that deals with the manufacturing and supply of pharma products. Headed by experienced professionals, their range of products includes herbal as well as allopathic products.



  1. Biostem Pharma:

Biostem Pharma is one of the top PCD Pharma Companies with evolution as the core of its work. This pharma company strives to meet challenges in the healthcare industry using its effective internal policies of asking and answering tougher questions resulting in successful solutions



  1. Sun Pharma:

One of the best and most well-known PCD pharma companies in India is Sun Pharma. It is one of the top PCD franchise companies that offer affordable and high-quality medicines. Sun Pharma was established in 1983 in Mumbai and has created a reputation not only in India but globally as well.



  1. Cipla:

Known for its wide range of medicinal formulations, Cipla is one of the global leaders in the pharmaceutical arena. The focus of the company lies in R&D and the development of new formulations as well as API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients). It is the first company to have developed drugs for HIV and also to have been approved for the oral antiviral drug Molnupiravir in India for Covid treatment.



  1. Medons India:

Medons India is based in Chandigarh and is recognized for their varied formulations for anti-diabetic, gynecology, and cardiovascular allopathic drugs. Currently, the company plans to enhance its contribution to the healthcare sector and is carrying out promotional inputs for the same.



  1. Nutica Herbocare:

Nutica Herbocare is one of the best Ayurvedic PCD Pharma Franchise Companies which renders high-quality herbal formulations. Their USP lies in rendering herbal and natural products as well as Third Party Manufacturing.



  1. Mankind Pharma:

Mankind Pharma is one of the most well-known and successful PCD Pharma Franchise Companies in India. Their main mission is to develop, formulate and deliver affordable and high-quality medicines. Mankind Pharma was established in 1986 in New Delhi and has expanded its presence to 22 countries with a successful turnover.



Apart from being a top-notch pharma franchise, Mankind is also known for its wellness products under the label of ‘Manforce’. Their range of products includes antifungal medicines, NSAIDs, antibiotics, cardiovascular, and gastrointestinal medicines including antispasmodic tablets, condoms, pregnancy test kits, and a long list of over-the-counter medicines!



  1. Ambit PCD Pharma:

Ambit PCD Pharma is an Ahmedabad-based medicine franchise company established in 2006. Ambit PCD Pharma is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company with WHO GMP-certified plants. Ambit PCD Pharma produces about 250 pharma products encompassing quality. It is due to their effective promotion techniques and efficient advertising tactics that they have made it to the list of the Top 10 Pharma PCD companies in India.




Bioversal Remedies is a PCD pharma franchise company curating comprehensive solutions that render effectiveness and productivity to the supply chain management arena and third-party manufacturing methods. This makes us the forerunner as one of the top pharma PCD companies in India.


Connect with Bioversal Remedies to avail low-cost, high-quality pharma products that yield customer satisfaction always. Let’s join hands and substantially grow our PCD pharma franchise business together with quality and affordability as our core values!


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Top 10 Pharma PCD Companies in India

Connect with Bioversal Remedies to avail low-cost, high-quality pharma products that yield customer satisfaction always. Let’s join hands and substantially grow our PCD pharma franchise business together with quality and affordability as our core values!


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