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Top 10 Pharma Distributors in India

Top 10 Pharma Distributors in India

Top 10 Pharma Distributors in India

Top 10 Pharma Distributors in India

Top 10 Pharma Distributors in India – India, The World’s Pharmacy is known for its extensive & strong supply chain. This is why the Indian pharmaceutical industry has seen exponential growth in recent years. Pharma distributors in India play a vital role in supporting the supply chain by ensuring continuous availability of medical products in all areas. Let’s explore and learn about the top 10 pharma distributors in India in this blog post who have revolutionized the healthcare sector.


Bioversal Remedies is a familiar name in the Indian Pharmaceutical industry. The company has years of experience delivering high-quality, clinically approved, and safe medical & health products. It is a best pharma distributors in India with networks all across India. Due to their vast network and nationwide connections, they offer a wide range of medicines, including generic drugs, capsules, and even injectables.

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📞Dial: +91 9053777905, +91 9053888905
✉️Email: bioversalremedies@gmail.com
🌐Visit: www.bioversalremedies.com


curasia medilabs logo

Ayurveda is the foundation of the Indian pharma industry, and Curasia is a champion in this. With over 25 years of experience, it is one of the best Indian PCD Pharma Companies. Their expertise and area of interest make them a reliable pharma company. From skincare to eye and neuropsychiatry to orthopedic, the company offers products across all segments. Interestingly, the company manufactures most of the products in their WHO GMP-certified plants, ensuring 100% safety and top-notch quality.

📞Dial: +91-9316815270, 9499164371, 7988871718
✉️Email: support@curasiamedilabs.com
🌐Visit: www.curasiamedilabs.com

orange biotech logo

Another famous PCD Pharma Franchise company committed to providing patients with all types of drugs at affordable pricing. Surprisingly, the company is a certified exporter of essential drugs and medicines. They have a presence in every region of the country, and their product catalog is huge catering to the needs of numerous patients. They have one of the biggest general ranges of medicines and health care products.

📞Dial: +91-9034065531-34,9499164372
✉️Email: support@orangebiotech.in
🌐Visit: www.orangebiotech.in


biostem pharma logo

Biostem pharma needs no introduction, all thanks to its highly advanced and research-based medical product range. The company manufactures premium quality medicines and health care products at unmatched speeds, ensuring no gap in their supply chain. This has resulted in a high customer satisfaction rate, which has resulted in it being among the top 10 pharma distributors in India. The company covers multiple areas, including dental care, derma, pediatric, neuro care, anti-allergics, etc.

📞Dial: 7082517491, 7082517493
✉️Email: support@biostempharma.com
🌐Visit: www.biostempharma.com


  • Bioraiz Healthcare

If you want to be part of one of the most lucrative franchise businesses in the Indian Pharma industry, Bioraiz is for you. The company has beaten everyone in their region. Now, they are expanding across the nation. The company trades and supplies medicines in the general range, including skin care, gynecare, orthopedics, antibiotics, etc. However, under this range, one will find various products like tablets, syrups, ointments, injectables, etc.

  • Saffron Medicare

In the Pharma Franchise business, Saffron Medicare is an irreplaceable giant. With a widespread network and massive regional connections, the company is just a few minutes away from the customers. They have one of the fastest dispatching and medical supply chains. Their goal is to assist prospective business owners in finding a safe and profitable franchise opportunity in the PCD franchise sector.

  • D Vijay Pharma Limited

Established 40 years ago, this firm has revolutionized the distribution system in the Pharma industry. From an extensive country-wide network to e-commerce, the company has hundreds of options for smooth and quick supply. They have collaborated with market giants to ensure everything is available in their stockpile. The company covers almost all categories, with thousands of products in every category.

  • Biocoral Pharma

Biocoral Pharma is a modern PCD franchise company with massive involvement of technology in making their products more effective and safe. They have highly sophisticated labels where they make premium quality health care products. All their products are approved and certified by concerned authorities. It is one of the few pharma distributors covering an impressive herbal range.

  • Meher Distributors

Another old and trusted pharma distributor known for excellent quality, packaging, and services. One can imagine their popularity by the fact that currently, they are the prime distributors of more than 200 companies. Their catalog is continuously expanding, offering multiple options for a single prescription. The firm follows strict protocols to ensure utmost safety and hold PAN India connections for timely delivery.

  • Krishlar Pharmaceuticals

Krishlar Pharmaceuticals is associated with multiple market players and even third-party manufacturers to fulfill the demand without compromising quality. Their highly diversified product range makes them a recommended supplier of drugs and other healthcare products. The company also covers the fitness category, and thus, they supply supplements, ointments, and a range of ayurvedic products.


Pharma distributors play an essential role in the whole healthcare ecosystem, and thus, they significantly impact our lives. Get in touch with us and take a step forward in becoming a franchise partner of leading distributors like Bioversal Remedies.

📞Dial: +91 9053777905, +91 9053888905
✉️Email: bioversalremedies@gmail.com
🌐Visit: www.bioversalremedies.com

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Top 10 Pharma Distributors in India

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