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Which one is Better – Pharma Marketing or Pharma Manufacturing

Which one Better - Pharma Marketing or Pharma Manufacturing

Which one is Better – Pharma Marketing or Pharma Manufacturing

Which one Better – Pharma Marketing or Pharma Manufacturing


You might have often noticed that the packaging of certain drugs mentions the name of a different company under the manufacturer tab while it is marketed by another company. This means the drug is manufactured in one company and endorsed by another. While mentioning the name of both companies is a compulsory requirement by the drug authority of India, it establishes the concept of a dual model of pharma companies; manufacturing and marketing.

The pharma industry is booming at a pace like no other and the success of this vast industry stems from two models; Pharma Manufacturing Company and Pharma Marketing Company in addition to the positive contribution of pharma franchise. While both of these seem to be similar in hindsight, it is essential for new entrants to the pharmaceutical market to know which one is better.

Let’s take a comprehensive comparison of the two to understand difference based on criteria;

  1. Parameters: One of the primary variations between a pharma manufacturing and a pharma marketing company is the work process. While manufacturing entities render production facilities to several pharma companies, a pharma marketing company on the other hand promotes the use of therapeutic solutions.

Both of these pharma company types have to deal with tons of customers and dealers, hence customer retention and communication is essential in both.

  1. Components for Launch: A pharma manufacturing company needs to meet an important requirement of having four years of experience in the pharma industry to showcase its excellence as well as for certain legal purposes.

However, a pharma marketing company doesn’t require any experience time limit. As for quality, it highly matters in the case of pharma manufacturing companies. But for pharma marketing companies, effective promotional tactics are the most important.

  1. License: Both the companies require a valid pharmaceutical license to produce and sell drugs and other pharma products. However, pharma manufacturing companies are subject to strict restrictions comprising certifications and approval processes from the government and other pharma organizational bodies. After all, it is essential to possess proper licensing to manufacture ayurvedic products to antispasmodic tablets.


  1. Certificate: A pharma marketing company requires no certification. But a pharma manufacturing company requires certification to showcase quality assistance. These include following standard units of FSSAI, ISO, WHO, GMP, GLP, etc. Being certified from these units will act as a proof of authenticity of a pharma manufacturing company and increase public reliability as well.

Now that you are equipped with the basic differences, which one is better?

Both the company models ensure and endorse overall growth, given you persevere your way through the pharmaceutical industry and sustain your company amidst the high-level of competition that prevails. The government of India is also encouraging new pharma businesses including pharma franchise companies, which makes launching a pharma company easier than it used to be owing to the presence of policies and streamlined process.

What matters when choosing between a pharma marketing or pharma  manufacturing company is what you see scalability and scope in as it does come down to individual capacity and interest. None of the companies entail losses as drug manufacturing relies on drug marketing for sale and hence the reciprocity cycle. Success in the market also leads to the development of PCD pharma franchise company which is a common practice lately.

You can also enjoy the benefits of both, as some pharma endeavors function as pharma manufacturers while their subsidiary companies act as pharma marketing companies.


We hope this blog helps you navigate not only the differences between pharmaceutical manufacturing and pharmaceutical marketing companies, but also helps you make a choice between pursuing one of the two!

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Which one is Better - Pharma Marketing or Pharma Manufacturing

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